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Agencies & Providers

IRM Cymru leaflets have been developed for Adoption Agencies and Fostering Services Providers to download and circulate to their social workers and panel members. These leaflets inform them about the IRM Cymru.

Welsh versions of the leaflets are also available.

Prospective adopters or foster carers should be given information about the IRM Cymru at an early stage of the assessment process. For adoption disclosure cases they can be given at the time of applying to access adoption records.

Printed leaflets will be sent from the IRM Cymru office to applicants when they have made an application to the IRM Cymru.

All Adoption Agencies and Fostering Service Providers are required to appoint a Link Person to liaise with the IRM Cymru office when a case from their agency is being dealt with by the IRM Cymru. All correspondence on the case will then take place between IRM Cymru staff and the Link Person.

All the administration for the IRM Cymru Panels is dealt with by the IRM Cymru office.
Any queries can be directed to the IRM Cymru staff who will be happy to help.